Roth Hensley

Accountant & IT Manager

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Areas of Expertise

I'm a generalist, but a focus on accounting technology has allowed me to engage in a practical way with computing innovation over the past couple of decades — and it's been loads of fun.

Why I Do What I Do

Accounting runs in the family, which perhaps is one reason the family at Tiret is a good fit. But in the process I've also found this field is where clients rub up against confusion, uncertainty, government and all the angst those entail. So its become a place of service. Most important, here at Tiret we enjoy the right mix of great clients, congenial colleagues and a comfortable work environment. The years spin by.

What I Do When I'm Not Working

Work with non-profits. Also enjoy spiritual study, nature walks, travel and technology.

My Clients Would Never Guess...

they always look it up.

What's For Breakfast

Rye toast and jam with coffee.

I Take My Coffee...

Daily, in the morning, mild brew, black.

If I Were an Animal, I'd Be...

. . . a bumblebee, to buzz quietly among the flowers on a warm summer day.

Words To Live By

"I searched for God and found only myself; I searched for myself and found only God." Author unknown

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