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Your medical or dental practice is essentially a service business; it depends on your talent, experience, education, and, above all, your time to succeed. Which means you can’t afford to spend all your time worrying about finances.

With decades of experience, specialized medical and dental practice management expertise, and up-to-the-minute accounting practices, Tiret helps make your financial life work — so you can focus on the reasons you went into practice in the first place.

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Practice Accounting & Payroll Services

With more than 60 years’ experience counseling medical and dental professionals, we can help you with virtually every aspect of accounting and business management — from payroll and tax preparation, to retirement plan accounting and staff bonus plans, to investment counseling and estate planning. We offer complete payroll services, or we can help you develop and manage your own in-house payroll system.

Tax Preparation & Planning

Whether your business is a sole proprietorship or multi-tiered partnership, we can develop tax strategies for you that take full advantage of new tax laws — minimizing the taxes you pay, as well as the chances of an audit. We keep you up-to-date on your tax liability throughout the year, so you’re never surprised on April 15 with an unplanned balance due.

Retirement Plan Solutions

Creating an IRS-qualified retirement plan for you and your employees offers substantial tax benefits; but it’s also a complicated, heavily regulated process, subject to constant changes in tax laws and regulations. We can help you establish and manage a retirement plan that benefits both your employees and your practice, without your having to stay abreast of every change in IRS policy.

Practice Transition

The decisions you make when starting a new practice, or transitioning into an existing one, can affect your finances for years to come. We can help you develop a transition plan that’s consisten with your financial goals and allows you to make decisions based on real financial data, to give your practice the best possible start and potential for growth.

* Tiret & Co. is a fee-only advisory firm, not a brokerage or investment house. We have no financial interest in recommending any particular investment.

Personal Financial Planning

Achieving your financial goals isn’t really about how much money you have to plan with — it’s more about setting realistic goals, developing an easily understood plan to reach them, and monitoring your results. At Tiret & Co., financial planning is an ongoing conversation, where we work with you continually to address areas of concern, explore alternatives, and ensure that the goals of your practice are in line with your personal objectives.

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"Steve Tiret has seamlessly transitioned me through associateship, partnership and solo ownership. I am always impressed at how quickly my concerns are addressed and his entire team is extremely professional. Not only does Tiret handle my accounting, they also handle my payroll and have given me wonderful referrals for retirement consultants and investment advice. I have referred Tiret to all...

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